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  1. PVC Star Strut Connection PVC PIPE DOME CONNECTION SYSTEM   Even though this webpage is instructing the building of a "geodesic greenhouse" the information doubles for a livable structure in my opinion. Lots of good pictures showing the fabrication of a geodesic PVC strut connection system using Schedule 40 PVC plastic water pipe.

    ►I've always loved the look of a geodesic dome, and lately, I've wanted a greenhouse. One of my friends mentioned he wanted a dome, and found some plans online. I started researching, and became convinced that I could build a geodesic greenhouse for only a few hundred dollars. I was right! This dome cost me around $300 including the plastic, the frame, the bolts, the rebar, and the cinder blocks. Most websites focused on metal conduit, but that looked like to much work. I decided on 3/4" PVC. I used the calculator on Desert to calculate the strut lengths. My dome is a 3V. I kept changing the radius until I found one that would produce 3 pieces per 10 foot length of PVC with little or no scrap.◄
  2. Shelters To Go SHELTERS-TO-GO   I love these tube connectors. You can build all kinds of low cost shelters with them. I have made a 4ft x 8ft shelter with these using Electrical Metal Tubing. I have plans for making some more bigger structures in the future. Possibly great for making camping or homeless dwellings.

    ►With our building connectors you can create temporary shelters, product displays, flea market booths and much more for a variety of indoor and outdoor uses. Lock together the framework of EMT (electrical metal tubing) or also called electrical conduit (you can buy locally) using the building connectors and then stretch tarps over it using ball bungees, anchor it, and you have shelter! If you ever liked playing with erector sets as a kid, you'll love this system! We have many sizes and shapes to choose from; so you can design just about any shelter you can think of from lightweight 3/4in EMT to heavy weight 1-7/8in!◄
  3. Hollaender 11-6 Side Out Tee Ips Structural Fitting HOLLAENDER   These fittings are similar to the Kee Klamp fittings shown above. And can be purchased on also. You will have to use your creative ability to configure some kind of frame using these connectors.

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    ►Hollaender's® lines of modular pipe fittings - Speed-Rail® slip-on fittings and Interna-Rail® internal fittings - are the broadest line of aluminum pipe fittings available - ANYWHERE! Hollaender® pipe fittings are made of high tensile strength, aluminum/magnesium alloy 535 with physical strength characteristics comparable to that of malleable iron at only one-third the weight. This alloy can be used with any other metal, including carbon or stainless steel, without fear of electrolytic (dissimilar metal) corrosion. We also carry major inventories of aluminum pipe in all IPS sizes, in both anodized and architectural mill finish, for use in any structural application required. For more information on our fitting components, visit our Products pages. We also design, engineer, and build complete modular systems from these components for use as architectural railing systems, retail store fixtures, OSHA -approved multi-line guardrail, Bumble-Bee® modular guardrail, and a myriad of other applications. For more information on our complete systems, visit our Applications pages.◄
  4. Grid Beamers GRID BEAMERS   This website is promoting a system of building different items based on their method or technique which requires a uniform connection system, i think. But anyway they do not show a housing system yet, not even a small hut or tiny shed. I am including this here in the hopes that someone
    will use their system to build a small dwelling for human use.

    ►Grid Beam is a reusable structural system that allows you to dream-up and build complex projects faster than any other construction technology that you or I have ever seen! Grid beam uses a simple geometry and a repeating hole pattern to create what we call tri-lapping joints or Tri-joints. When three beams are brought together in an xyz axis, (like in a corner) the bolt holes magically line up. Three bolts from three directions lock the materials together, into perfect 90 degree angles, something difficult to achieve when welding. Though clunky looking at first, they add strength and rigidity to projects. Tri-joints can be created anywhere in a frame but usually end up in the corners. The more tri-joints in a frame, the stronger it becomes. Grid beam can be made of any square stock drilled with our repeating hole pattern on all sides. It is then cut off into modular lengths such as 1ft, 2ft, 3ft. And so on. Any square stock can be made into Gridbeam so long as the hole spacing is equal to the width of the material. That's important because the hole spacing is the key to its structural abilities.◄
  5. Fast Framer Barn Shed Framing Kit FAST FRAMER BARN SHED FRAMING KIT   This company features: Easy Framing Kits for Storage Buildings, Sheds, Greenhouses & More. Including: Quick Framer, Fast Framer & EZ-Up Connectors. Picture is of the "Quick Framer" Kit which makes a Gambrel Style roof. None of these kits include the lumber, just metal connectors, that's all. Picture on the right is of the "Fast Barn Framing Kit". Not really a barn, but looks like one.

    ►Unique angle brackets make our storage shed kits and greenhouse building plans simple and safe - there are no miter angles to cut, ever! Whether your backyard project includes a storage building kit, a child's playhouse, or garden shed plans, our patented brackets and building kits along with detailed, easy to follow plans will provide you with the information you need to make the job go quickly and easily. Our kits and plans for storage buildings are perfect for backyard greenhouses, storage sheds, woodsheds and even doghouses and playhouses. Try one of our affordable and versatile storage building kits today!◄
  6. Simpson strong-tie Gazebo Connector DOME KITS INFO   This site is great for the Do-It-Yourselfer. You can create your own hexagon connector, Simpson Strong-tie makes their Gazebo Connector #GT6Z. They are listed under Home Project Connectors in their catalog. You may have to order these. A box of 8 will cost under $50. It can also be adapted with some effort to fit a pentagon hub. Be sure to check out their cool "Earth Ball Dome".

    ►Dome Kits owner builder option is intended for those people who want to cut their own Dome Kits and save from purchasing over priced kits from the dome manufactures. All the information is in this website to cut and fabricate
    the components to build a 3 or 4 frequency geodesic dome structure from wood or light gauge steel. This information is designed to share some simple and inexpensive dome building methods that we have been using for over thirty-five years. All components are patented, licensed and certified by the Underwriters Laboratories and can be purchased from your local hardware store and construction supply house. You can act as your own general contractor, project manager and design consultant in every phase of construction and build sweat equity in the process. Dome Kits main goal and inspiration is to build a better way of life with the use of modern materials and innovative designs. Dome Kits continues to design affordable housing for as many people as possible. Dome Kits manufacturers single-family homes, condominium units, multi-family homes and commercial structures. Dome Kits specialty is spherical structures for any use, with the ability of being independent, self-sustaining habitats. Dome Kits is a diversified full-service building contractor. Offering the most affordable dome kits for the do-it-yourselfer or for turnkey custom homes. From consultation to design and engineering of your dome kit plans to the manufacturing and prefabrication of your dome kits. Dome Kits continues to provide the most user friendly dome kits. Creating energy efficient, low cost dome homes has been the driving force to designing and engineering structurally sound dome kits with a novice owner build construction method. Contact our experts to initiate a detailed discussion about the needs and budget allocated to your project, and learn how Dome Kits corporate strength can be placed solidly behind your project requirements.◄
  7. Picture of Timberlinx Pipe & Connector Pins TIMBERLINX   A very useful product when you want to build structures using big heavy logs or raw timbers or cut timbers in timber frame construction. They are used to preserve the appearance of traditional joints at a fraction of the cost.

    ►Timberlinx is a connection tube, inserted equally in both members of the joint and linked by two expanding cross pins.◄

    • Easily installed using only an electric drill and jig.
    • Completely embedded.
    • Readily tightened at installation or later.
    • Appears similar to mortise and tenon joint when plugged.
    • Stronger than mortise and tenon.
    • Fastest, most cost-effective timber joining system in the industry . . . PERIOD!
    • Certified by CCMC to new international standards (See Report #13091-R).
    • Certified for both shear and tension values.
    • Versatile: Wood/wood, wood/concrete, wood/steel connectors.
    • To build timber trusses, newel deck posts, playground equipment.
    • To repair old and deteriorating tenons.
    • Range of sizes adaptable to every joint imaginable.
    • Used as single or multiple units or in conjunction with mortise and tenon joints to enhance or supplement.
    • TIMBERLINX will free your imagination from mechanical constraints.

  8. Fast Framer 2X4 Lumber Universal Framing System FAST FRAMER SHED FRAMING KIT   This here is just another source for this famous old shed building connector kit called "Fast Framer 2X4 Lumber Universal Framing System". These connectors do have a good review rating on this site. But important to read and maybe re-read the instructions for best results.

    ►Electro-plated galvanized steel angles and base plates make constructing a greenhouse, mini-barn, dog or play house, storage shed, pump house, etc fast and easy.
    No angles to cut. Slip 2in x 4in lumber into angle brackets for positive holding power and true angles. Kit includes 24 angles and 12 base plates, complete instructions and materials list. One kit makes a 7ft x 8ft structure.

    Way back in 1968, Harbor Freight Tools had a mission: Make it easier for working people to get the best value possible on top-quality tools they could trust. Now, more than 40 years later, that mission has made Harbor Freight Tools the largest tool and equipment catalog retailer, with over ten million satisfied customers taking advantage of our low prices and satisfaction guarantee . . . Shopping at Harbor Freight Tools has always been as easy as picking up the phone. With our safe, secure web site, finding the best values on top-quality tools is even easier! And you can't beat Harbor Freight Tools when it comes to convenience—your order is shipped within 48 hours and delivered directly to your door, usually by FedEx®. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with any item purchased from Harbor Freight Tools, you may return the insured product within 30 days for a full refund or replacement, whichever you prefer. Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable. Please insure your item for shipment to us. Items ordered via Internet or catalog cannot be returned to a retail store.◄
  9. Frame Parts small pic CREATIVE SHELTERS   They sell canopy kits, EMT tube frame fittings, tarps, and accessories. Good quality stuff. This website and business deserve more attention here because they provide a valuable source of fittings and tarps and information needed to build your own shelter system. They have a large selection of welded steel canopy and tent fittings. Create your own custom designed shelter to fit your needs.

    ►We have a large selection of canopies, canopy frame parts, and tarp sizes and styles to choose from including heavy duty poly tarps, canvas mesh and fire retardant tarps. Fully enclosed canopies with gable end tarps and side tarps. Our kits include high quality joint fittings designed to be used with EMT tubing (electrical conduit) or chain link fence tubing. They include heavy duty tarps available in multiple colors and all the ball ties required for assembly. Our canopy kits are not only the low cost answer to those high priced shaky pop-up type shelters or flimsier PVC pipe structures, but also provide unlimited applications. Due to the expense of shipping we do not include tubing with any of our kits. Tubing can be purchased at many building supply or fencing supply stores.◄
  10. Super-Loc Connector NATURAL SPACES DOMES   A good looking connector system for those of you wanting to build your own geodesic dome frame from scratch. "We bring you the most complete dome home shopping catalog ever created. Information, products and services - all related to helping you design, build and live healthy in the most interesting, exciting and environmentally sane housing system around. We, at Natural Spaces Domes, want you to rely on our decades of dome building experience. Our experience should be your gain. We look forward to helping you with the next adventure in your life, building a dome home."

    ►At the heart of the Natural Spaces Dome system is our patented connection hardware which we call the Super-Lok. Invented in 1978, the Super-Lok connection hardware was the answer to six years of dome building using inadequate wood plates, cheap metal brackets, and panelized systems. What we were looking for was a connector that was self-aligning and so simple to put together that any dummy- sorry, that should be any "novice" dome builder could do it. We didn't want you to have to do any of the assembly of the strut hardware up on the scaffolding. With our system all you do is slip the sleeve tongue into the hub slot and pound a hardened, zinc plated bolt “pin” in place, securely locking the two together. That's it - no coming back to tighten, no re-aligning, no adjusting.◄
  11. Quick Tie Systems QUICK TIE SYSTEMS   This particular system is designed to hold down all component parts of a buildings framework to the foundation creating a stronger resistance to external forces such as very strong wind or earthquake.

    ►Welcome to Quick Tie Systems website. For a general overview of what the Quick Tie is and how it works, please click on the Product Video. To learn more about the design, installation and documentation of our exciting products click on the various links within the "Quick Tie Documentation" section located above. And if you are interested in becoming a Quick Tie installer or have questions that need a personalized response, click on Contact Quick Tie link on the above menu bar and request information via an E-mail. To view or download a copy of the SBC Association Testing and Engineering Report click on the SBC logo. For the 2010 Quick Tie Products Catalog click on the Quick Tie Catalog image. To our customers; There has been some recent criticisms in our industry regarding problems with cable and skipped-story hold-down systems. Please allow us to clarify some of the misstatements we've encountered by clicking on this the below link.◄
  12. Sample eLbo framework with gable style roof ELBO   This new connection system just came in from an Australian inventor Len Williams and it is used to connect any 25mm x 25mm piece of metal or plastic. Might be great to use for a Burningman project. I am hoping he will build as a model some kind of small shelter frame that can be covered with canvas or a tarp of some kind thus producing a portable shelter for human use. Picture on the right is of a sample structure (dog House) with a gable roof. Also, need to mention he is looking for someone to distribute these connectors in the US. So if you are someone in a position to sell these in the United States, you can contact him at the information below.

    ►Elbo is a system of L shape connectors and collars that join square or round metal tube, angle iron or plastic tube framework, eliminating the need for welding. No training is required. There are only two universal parts: 1. L-Shape and 2. Collar, these can be combined in 54 ways. The connectors can combine to form basic 2-way joints to more complex 6-way joints, allowing for the construction of shelving, tables, benches, sheds and more. These galvanized steel connectors are strong and durable and can be dismantled and reused or altered as there are no permanent joints or welds.◄
  13. Geodesic Dome Connector DOME INCORPORATED   I don't know how new this is and i don't know if you can buy these in small quantities, but if you are interested in buying these connectors you can call them at the information below.

    ►Dayton, MN (12-4-2010) – The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent #7,802,404 Connector for Geodesic Dome Structures to Blair F. Wolfram. 17 claims are allowed for this invention. This patent is a key structural element in the Hurricane Series Geodesic Dome System manufactured by Dome Inc. The dome connector is a star shaped cast aluminum hub which clamps 2in x 12in lumber in geodesic dome buildings. The connector was developed to improve dome structural integrity, allow increased insulation values and allow a ventilated dome insulation space. Dome, Inc. uses this part in manufacturing structurally superior, energy efficient dome buildings for residential, recreational and commercial applications using geodesic design principles. This offering is in strong alignment to the rising demand in green and sustainable structures. This patent application for a hurricane engineered connector positions Dome, Inc. to expand in markets facing extreme wind and weather conditions. Authorized dealerships are available.
  14. Square Tube T-Fitting HD SQUARE TUBE FITTINGS   This is a unique item offered by Tek Supply which consists of only about 4 to 5 galvanized steel connectors which can be configured to form most any square or rectangular shape, like a small shelter for camping or permanent living quarters depending on the standard of living desired which would probably be pretty low. My opinion of these is that they make a fairly large frame struts - 1½in diameter is quite big in my opinion. Picture on the left is a sample pic of the 3 Way Connector, one of about 5 different angles in a set used to create your project. At their home page, look on the left side for "Shop Our Products", Click on "Building Materials" link, Click on "Galvanized Conduit & Pipe Fittings". Look for "Heavy Duty Galvanized Square Tube Fittings" and click on link. Notice also, that next to the fitting link on the left side is a link to the tubing they sell which will work with these fittings. Click HERE to view a picture showing a sample application of these connectors. Use your imagination to create your own design.

    ►Build your own heavy-duty bench frames. Create squares and rectangles. Any shape you desire is possible! Make your own end frame kits with our heavy-duty galvanized square tube fittings. Accommodates both 1.5in square tube (goes in) and 2in square tube (goes over). Fasten fittings with our #14 x 1 zinc-plated, self-drilling Tek Screws, sold in bulk packaged quantities of 100. Our Price: $5.46/EA.◄
  15. Flex-C Trac Dome Frame FLEX-C TRAC   This product requires a little learning curve to be able to use it successfully. Picture on the right is of 12ft wide by 4ft high dome made using their steel connector strips. The dome needs to be sheathed and finished, you are viewing the framework only.

    ►Our business is to provide you with the right product for your curved framing job whether you are framing with wood or metal Flex-Ability Concepts pioneered the development of flexible track products. Flex-C Trac provides an easy way for builders to frame high quality curves by utilizing a simple,

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    flexible metal track for use with wood or metal studs. Flex-C Trac is made of galvanized steel and is available in 16, 18 and 20 gauges in a wide variety of metal framing widths. Flex Lite, a new light duty alternative, is available in 25 gauge steel. Versatile Flex-C Angle is available in 16 and 20 gauges. 20 gauge Flex-C Arch is available in a range of widths for both wood and metal framing. Flex-C Plate is available in 20 gauge and is used for wood framing applications. Patented Flex-C Trac was the first framing product that could be curved by hand right on the job site and has become the brand by which all others are measured. It's ease of use and durable reliability have made it indispensable to architects who like to design without the constraint of straight lines and for contractors who now have a fast, effective way of constructing those designs. Flex-Ability Concepts has continued its leadership position as The Curved Wall People with on-going product development and the introduction of a variety of new products and sizes to meet the needs of the construction industry. Products include Flex-C Trac and Flex-C Plate, Flex-C Angle, Flex-C Arch, Flex-C Header and Flex Lite. These light gauge steel framing products are used to build curved metal or wood structures. They can be used to frame curved walls, barrel ceilings, wavy ceilings, s-curves, columns, arch ways, curved soffits, light coves and acoustical clouds.◄
  16. MDPE Ble Pipe Connector MDPE PLASTIC PIPE HUB   OK, this little piece here is about making dome frame connector struts using MDPE Blue Pipe. I think i heard someone say that this type of plastic pipe is widely used in the UK and the rest of Europe. Possibly the method described here could be utilized with other types of plastic pipe like PVC or ABS. It would be worth a try. The page this link goes to shows some pictures and other info about their little dome they built for business use at holiday and festival gatherings.

    ►This is how the joints of the frame look when the tent frame is assembled. The blue parts are 25mm (outside diameter) alkathene water pipe, cut into 100mm lengths, softened in boiling water to fit tightly over the ends of the wooden struts, then dipped in cooking oil heated to 180 degrees centigrade for about 10 seconds before being squashed flat in a vice to give a nice flat "spade end". The edges of the plastic are then cleaned up using a surform tool. The pipe is finally secured in place with a single 3/4 inch countersunk stainless wood screw. A single 60mm roofing bolt (8mm diameter) secures the joint with washers each side and a wing nut.◄
  17. Quik Klamp Short Tee QUIK KLAMPS   This is the third one of these type of tubular clamp systems i have found. Same operating principle as Hollaender and Kee Klamp. These connectors can be used to create versatile and rigid tubular structures. Might work well for a canvas tent frame. You can also buy this brand at Global Industrial. Also, want to mention that this company has all sort of good items for portable shelters, like tarps, snugger tie downs, and tarp clips (Item #109921).

    ►Create versatile and rigid tubular frames without welding, threading, bolting or drilling. Precut pipe is easily fitted and locked in. All you need for a cost-effective, versatile and simple way to design and assemble load-bearing indoor and outdoor structures quickly and easily. Using only simple hand tools, such as standard hex key and tube cutters, complex pipe configurations can be produced quickly and efficiently. Standard hex key and tube cutters are all the tools you need.

    • Galvanized, corrosion resistant.
    • A cost-effective alternative to welding.
    • Strong and easy to assemble.

    Quik Klamp Pipe Fitting projects can be disassembled and stored if needed, or even taken apart with fittings and pipe recycled into a new project. Applications include handrails, carports, greenhouses, tool rack, displays racks, safety barriers, playground equipment, store fixtures, boat docks, guardrails, fences, awnings, grid systems, customer guidance, and more!◄
  18. Kee Klamp Side Outlet Elbow KEE KLAMP   These very strong connectors can be used to build different frame configurations suitable for a wall tent frame or with any flexible fabric covering. These are the type of connectors you would use to build a strong framework using Schedule 40 water pipe, a very heavy steel pipe available everywhere. These connectors are available at these two other locations also: In material handling > Structures > modular pipe and rail fittings, Grainger and McMaster-Carr in "Structural Pipe Couplings". Also, at the link provided is for sale "Structural PVC Fittings" for making guess what! PVC Structures!

    ►The simple but effective engineering principle of the Kee Klamp fitting is the foundation of the most versatile pipe connection system available. There are many variations of fitting to suit a wide range of applications, thus providing the versatility to achieve virtually any structural configuration. Kee Klamp fittings are malleable iron castings manufactured to the requirements of ASTM A47-77-32510. A range of fittings to suit eight sizes of pipe is available. A simple hex key (see type 99) is the only tool required to create a strong, rigid joint. A recessed set screw, tightened by the hex key, firmly locks the pipe into the fitting. Set screws are manufactured in case hardened steel and are protected against corrosion by Kee Koat™. A Kee Klamp fitting (size 5 to 9) can support an axial load of 2000 lbs. per set screw with the set screw tightened to a torque of 29 lbs./ft. This is normally obtained when the set screw is fully tightened using a ratchet wrench. Kee Klamp fittings are produced in a range of standard sizes to suit Schedule 40 steel pipe, sizes 1/4" nominal bore to 2" nominal bore; also equivalent sizes of tubing in other materials. Tubing of other specifications can be used, providing the outside diameter is compatible with Schedule 40 Pipe. Pipe with a wall thickness of less than 1/8in can only be used in lightly-loaded structures.◄
  19. Picture of 'Lumber Links' in use. SOCKET SYSTEMS   You know that we have discussed metal connectors for use in building storage sheds, but these are a little different in that they are heavy-duty built for use in building a large structure such as a cabin or barn or garage. These are the only ones i have seen like this. These are not your grandmother's connectors - but provide extra strength and could save you money in framing materials. If you are a "Do-It-Yourselfer" then these connectors will probably make your project a lot easier.

    ►Want to build your own Garage, Pole Barn, Home, or Addition without heavy lifting equipment? Lumber Link is the answer. Since 1983 Socket Systems has helped hundreds build a living, working, or storage space using rough cut (not treated) lumber and Lumber Link, steel joinery. This alternative to trusses and conventional pole building methods, saves material, labor, equipment and money. Everyone can now build a perfect Pole Barn or their very own home! If you're looking for even more, Socket Systems will customize any of our joinery to suit your needs. Yes, you can do this yourself! Socket Systems has been creating homes and work spaces for over 25 years. We're proud of our products and the personal service we offer every customer. Don't forget, Socket Systems can customize our product to suit your needs.◄
  20. PARTY TENT CITY   This business based in Texas has a very good selection of EMT pipe fittings which would work for building your own tent or fabric covered cabin framework. Even though they seem to specialize in large open air type tents or shade structures - you can still find a way to enclose both ends of the structure to make something more livable.

    ►Hi, At we sell a modular tent kit. When you buy a 20 x20 tent this year and next year you want it larger like 20x30 - you can just order more parts and never waste a part. I have models from 10x10 to 40x60 including 10x20, 10x30, 20x20, 20x30, 20x40, 30x40, 40x40, 40x50 and 40x60. Below is as diagram of a 20x20 party tent that sells for $243.75. It is the least expensive model with no valance and no sides. Sides are available at a slightly higher cost. This kit does not include the 1in EMT electrical conduit pipe which is too heavy to ship. You would buy that in the electrical department at Home Depot in your city. The number of pieces needed at the top of each diagram. Click here to see over 100 easy to tarp and tent items in my eBay store at:◄
  21. Geodesic Hub Connectors UNIVERSAL HUB SYSTEMS   Here's a new geodesic hub connector system. Not made for low cost backyard projects.

    ►We manufacture geodesic hub connectors for cold form steel geodesic design. This is a universal hub connection system that can be used, makes all sizes of domes. While it will work with wood lumber, we like cold formed steel and the system was designed to allow for geodesic construction with it.
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    Cold formed steel is insect proof and won't rot from moisture. It is inexpensive, easily available and exceptionally strong. It lends itself to geodesic design with our system. I developed a uniform hub system for 3 frequency geodesic dome construction. The hubs are fabricated with CNC technology and made from 12 gauge steel This connector system is easy to use, but not cost effective for a pool covering, burning man, a back yard playhouse or a casual greenhouse. There are several folks who weld steel connectors to create hub system for casual dome construction. I am happy to send you to a page with free designs for that kind of construction. Our geodesic connector systems has no welds that can fail. They are punched from plate steel with a $750,000.00 computer cad manufacturing process. These are not for creating children's toys or seasonal buildings. These were designed for solid, long term construction in areas subject to sever weather. Each hub has two connectors and the cold formed steel framing members are utilized for maxium strength of the structure. The system was created so that people could work with steel lumber in their geodesic designs easily. They can be used for any size of dome.◄
  22. Multi-Strut MULTISTRUT   This appears to be a very simple yet ingenious metal connector which can be used to tie two pieces of lumber together forming a very strong truss unit. These can be used for both roof and floor span members. But take note: This is no small business. They operate very professional websites and develop very sophisticated products including floor design software.

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    ►MultiStrut Joists (MSJ) were first introduced into Australia by Multinail Australia in 1985. Since their introduction MultiStrut Joists have revolutionized the building industry creating a more streamlined, economical construction method for builders. MultiStrut Joists are manufactured to meet the precise specifications of each job. As the joists are sized to meet a specific job, theft from site is significantly reduced leading to cost savings for the builder. If required MSJs can be manufactured with double or triple timber end webs to allow joists to be trimmed on site. An additional benefit with the use of MultiStrut Joists is the ease of running services. Plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and heating ducts can be positioned between the chords and the webs in both directions with no cutting or drilling, leading to time savings on site. MultiStrut Joists are ideal for domestic floor construction and can be used in commercial floors as joists, rafters, purlin's and girst. MultiStrut Joists can also be used in roofs, cantilevered balconies and other special applications.◄
  23. Easy Shed Kit EASY SHED KIT   Go to Gardening tab > Hardscaping/Landscaping > Structural Fasteners.

    ►Building a shed is made easy using this kit. The roof is usually the hardest part to build but with both peak brackets and plate brackets supplied the process is simplified providing both strength and simplicity of construction. It is easy to build walls and floors following the included illustrated manual and materials list. One kit will make an 8ft long shed, 6ft, 8ft, or 10ft wide. Additional brackets are available for increased length. Kit hardware includes a rafter-cutting template, 5 peak brackets, 10 plate brackets (for attaching to walls) and 90 galvanized screws. For each 2ft of additional length you will need two more plate brackets and one more peak bracket. Use with 2x4s. Made of powder-coated steel.◄
  24. Self-Adjusting Connectors PVC DOME CONNECTORS   Presented here is a homemade system for making what they call a "Basket Weave" dome. Both a 3-way connector and 4-way connector are shown here. "This page describes how to build "Basket Weave" domes using flexible struts of PVC tubing and self-adjusting connectors made from short rods."

    ►These connectors are all made out of short 5/8in to 3/4in outside diameter (O.D.) rods inside sleeves of 3/4in inside diameter (ID) PVC pipe, fastened together with 1/4in diameter bolts.
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    The first step is to select a rod material and cut pieces appropriate to the connectors you wish to make. The connectors shown in the above pictures use a 5/8in O.D. fiberglass tubing which I picked up as scrap. Also shown are some pieces of 3/4in OD diameter dowel which I originally used in the connectors. However, I had found the dowels would sometimes break if too much stress was applied to the dome structure. You could probably use pieces of 1/2in diameter thin-wall steel tubing (also called EMT, the tubing that is commonly used for electrical conduit). This tubing, though it is called 1/2in, actually has an outside diameter of about 23/32in (just a little less than 3/4in), making it just the right diameter for these rods. The four-way connectors use two identical rods, each 8in long. The three-way connectors use one 8in long and one 5 1/2in long rod. Each connector also uses two 2in long sleeves of 3/4in I.D. PVC pipe. The small 2-frequency dome shown above uses ten 4-way and ten 3-way connectors. This means a total of thirty 8in, ten 5 1/2in long pieces of rod, and forty of the PVC sleeves (see 2f parts list below). The large 4-frequency dome uses thirty-five 4-way and twenty 3-way connectors, thus a total of ninety 8in, twenty 5 1/2in long pieces of rod, and 110 of the PVC sleeves (see 4f parts list below). Cut all these pieces for the dome you want to build and set them aside. For the PVC pipe, investing in a PVC pipe cutter saves a LOT of work since it is quick and it makes very clean cuts. Using a hacksaw leaves an end with lots of burrs to be filed off. . .◄
  25. Sturdi-Wall bracket PERMA-COLUMN   There are really two items here. One, a steel strap used to tie 4X4 post to concrete and Two, pre-cast 4X4in concrete columns to set in ground in place of a wood post thereby eliminating wood post ground contact. Got That? "Precast concrete column for use in post-frame construction". This really is a good system for extending the life of any post-frame building. ►Sturdi-Wall brackets are a heavy duty anchor system designed to connect post frame structures to traditional concrete foundations such as: monolithic slabs, formed walls, and existing concrete pads. The many uses of our engineered Sturdi-Wall brackets include: New construction, post repair, renovations. There are two types of Sturdi-Wall brackets. When drill setting is preferred, the standard Sturdi-Wall is used. When setting into wet concrete, the Sturdi-Wall Plus is used. Perma-Columns are five foot precast concrete columns that keep wood out of the ground, ensuring your building's foundation will never rot. They are the first product to combine the economy of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation. Simple installation. No waiting on concrete trucks. No treated wood in the ground.◄
  26. Hexagon Frame ESTO CONNECTORS   I don't think these connectors are strong enough to build a home, but you could probably build some really nice frames for Burning Man and/or your own personal camping project.

    ►esto® produces a wide range of molded nylon connectors and anodized aluminum extrusions for endless design capabilities. Aluminum tubing and patented nylon connectors provide fast, flexible framing solutions for retail displays, signage, trade show booths, shelter enclosures and more. For over 25 years, Esto connectors has provided framing solutions for a wide variety of manufactured products. Some of our services include: Complete inventory of ¾in, 1in and 1½in square aluminum tubing, Large selection of molded nylon connectors, Hardware for fastening to aluminum tubes, Casters and inserts for mobility and portability, Fast friendly customer service, Quick shipping turnaround within 24hrs, Knowledgeable sales department, Prototyping services for OEM, Drilling, Cutting and Assembly, Tube Bending, Anodized and Custom painted finishes, Custom extrusions. For more information on any of our products, please contact one of our friendly sales representatives.◄
  27. 6 EMT Connectors CANOPIES4LESS   I put this business in here because it is another source for those wonderful welded steel EMT connectors (Canopy Fittings). They also sell tarps which can be used to make a shelter covering. Included for sale are Green/Brown Poly tarps, Silver tarps, White tarps, & Extra heavy duty White Valance canopy tarps. These Canopy fittings can be used to make Wall Tent Frames. Hardware Store Picture on the right is of their 6 piece heavy duty 1in steep peak fittings for use with 1in electrical metal tubing (EMT) to make many sizes of canopies (6x10, 7x10, 8x10, 10x10, 10x12 FT) boatports or carports. Our fittings also have heavy duty bolts to hold securely onto conduit.

    ►Thanks for your interest in canopies4less. Canopies4less has been in the canopy and tarp business for over 30 years, our mission is to provide the best quality for the lowest price. We are one of the largest suppliers of tarps, outdoor canopies, and canopy kits in the USA. We specialize in heavy duty silver sun-blocker tarps, and our heavy-duty white tarps are very popular too. In addition, we carry a full line of economy tarpaulins for many applications. Our outdoor canopies and canopy kits can be used for boat covers, car canopies, construction cover, dog kennel covers, flea market booths, greenhouses, swap meet canopy, tents, trade show booths, or anywhere temporary shelter is needed for protection from the rain and sun. We are able to offer our high quality ball bungees, canopies, canopy fittings, and tarps at such low prices thanks to our large inventory turnover. We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly.◄
  28. Galvanized Metal Bracket IRL SUPPLIES   This galvanized metal bracket looks similar to the "Fast Framer" connector featured somewhere else on this page. This is a Canadian Mining Supply business which sells many outdoor related products. These frame connector brackets are used exclusively for building Canvas Wall Tent frames out of 2x4 Lumber. This bracket featured in the picture at the right is called their: "2 X 4 Tent Frame Bracket" Sku Number: MIN-3000-935. Visit: Home > Camp Supplies > Wall Tents > Parts.

    ►Great uses for our Tent Brackets. Please call us for details and pricing. Introducing the IRL 2x4 Construction Bracket. This 2x4 construction bracket can be used to build a greenhouse, a tent frame or even a small shed. Made from 14 gauge galvanized steel, this product makes construction a no brainer for the amateur handy man. If you need advice on how to build a green house like the one in the following photographs give us a ring and we will set you on the right track. If you require cedar beams for the base we can also supply you with those as well. Price of bracket: $11.00.◄
  29. Simpson Strong-Tie SIMPSON STRONG-TIE   These are steel connectors which can be used to build a shed or a larger building. Connectors add greater strength and safety to your project, require fewer nails for installation, and often eliminate the need for toe nailing or more complicated traditional construction methods. I use these connectors for small projects and use the light gauge metal connectors which work well with Simpson's wood screws called:   SD8 Strong-Drive #8 x 1¼in, also called:   SD8X1.25.
    You can buy a 100 pack at Home Depot or most hardware stores. Interesting story about the start of this big company:

    ►The Simpson Family has been in the San Francisco Bay Area building community since 1914, but it wasn't until the mid-1950s that they launched the business that would become a world leader in their industry. And it all really began with a visit from a neighbor. The doorbell rang one Sunday night in 1956, recalled Barclay Simpson, who took over a window screen business from his father in 1947. Outside was a neighbor who was looking to make structural connectors for the ends of 2x4s for a flat roof. Could Simpson help him out? "I said, Of course," Simpson said. "Then I went about trying to figure out whether I could." It was that request for a joist hanger that led to the creation of Simpson Strong-Tie, a global company with more than $750 million in sales worldwide (2008), more than 2,000 employees, and 10 US and eight international manufacturing locations. As a publicly traded company, Simpson Manufacturing Co. has had exceptional performance records since the company's 1994 IPO. As a result, it has consistently commanded the respect of industry analysts for its market leadership, strong fiscal management, and innovative approach to growth.◄
  30. Connector Fitting COVER ME TARPS & CANOPIES   They are based in South Carolina USA. Using their products a person could put together their own portable shelter. They sell steel connectors for building your own framework using either 1in EMT conduit or 1-3/8in or 1-5/8in Chain Link Top rail. They also have a large selection of poly tarps for use as coverings. Lots of possibilities here.

    ►Frame Tent Manufacturing. Providing temporary shelter from sun & rain. Large selection of canopy grade 6oz silver sunblock or 6oz white poly tarps. Valanced Tarps, Canvas Tarps, residential or commercial grade mesh tarps, PVC Flame Retardant Tarps and shadecloth. Polytarp canopies, vinyl canopies and shadecloth canopies all in stock. Huge inventory of Professional quality easy up style Instant Shelters. We offer direct service or online ordering. Join our mailing list and receive specials, promotions, new product information, discount coupons & more.◄

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