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  1. THE ULTIMATE GEODESIC DOME CONNECTOR (25 Jul 17) This does not look to me like something very substantial. My starting link for this listing goes to the kickstarter page where you can get more information. But be careful because this may not be something legit. Also, i visited the kickstarter page and he (the inventor) has put up a lot of information about his product. Plenty of pictures & videos, so you can make up your own mind about the veracity of this connector.

    ►Is this the ultimate Geodesic Dome Connector? Check out the Kickstarter page here - You can also order a set from the Kickstarter site. I have been looking into geodesic domes for awhile now and was always turned off by the complicated measurements, angles, cuts, and connector options. Recently I was contacted to share this little genius connector that makes the process extremely simple and less expensive. The connector is made of a touch and durable plastic that can withstand quite a bit of stress. Each connector is simple, inexpensive, and will allow for almost any material to be used as struts. I will go into more detail on how to actually build one in a later article. For the simple dome I built here you just need two different length struts. Struts can be dowels, sticks, lumber cut into strips, or whatever you can think of that has a solid end to screw into. The connectors fasten to the struts using a screw with a flat washer head (truss screws or other screws with a washer). It is best to use hardwood struts and pre-drill the holes so you don't split the wood, especially when using thinner material. There are instructions provided with these connectors tells you exactly how long to cut the struts and how to connect them together using the screws, very simple! Follow up video coming soon with a larger dome and step by step instructions on how to build it. Please check out the Kickstarter page here - to order a set for yourself!◄
  2. 2in ABS Plastic Dome Connectors YOUR OWN DOME   I am sure many of you will like this item. Couldn't be much simpler: These connectors are used to make a structure called a "Truncated Icosahedron" using 2 inch ABS plastic pipe as strut material available at most lumber yards. Looks to be quite strong, but probably suitable for a flexible covering only something like canvas. Good for use at "Burning Man", i'm sure.

    ►The dome you are looking at is based on a classical construction by Plato, a Greek mathematician. He inscribed twenty triangles of equal size inside of a sphere and it was named an icosahedron (Greek for 20 sided.) Later, another mathematician by the name of Archimedes divided each of the sides of Plato's triangles into three equal segments. This was called "truncating". The assembly became known as a "Truncated Icosahedron" and is probably most familiar as a multi-faceted soccer ball.
    The advantage of this design is that the connectors (joints) are identical and can be used at any intersection of the straight segments. The straight segments determine the size of the dome or sphere. All of the straight segments (2in ABS pipe) must be the same length for any given diameter. The size limit is when the straight segments begin to bend (deflect.) An average person (200lbs.) who stood on a straight segment (as in a jungle gym) that was thirty two inches long, will bend it. That means you should not build a jungle gym larger than a 13 foot diameter. If you have plants in pots with soil you should limit the load on any one segment to about 50lbs. They'll get heavier when you water them. All loads transfer through the joints and straight sections to the ground. The structure does not have to be level, but all of the feet must contact the ground for maximum strength. A tennis ball inserted in open connection makes a great foot and you can shim any feet that don't touch the ground with anything handy, like stones or pieces of plywood. The strongest assembly is with all joints glued. You cannot take it apart if you do that. I recommend gluing the sub-assemblies, the pentagons and half hexagons, and leaving the straight connection links to be fastened with screws. Use one to test the assembly for size and use and increase that to three when using the dome to support loads. If you are building a teaching aid or just having fun with the kids, building a puzzle, than you can use just one screw in the hole provided and it makes disassembly easy and the whole assembly very compact to travel or store. Have fun.◄
  3. Picture of steel connector used with 4X4 lumber ALL STEEL SHED FRAMES   Hopefully, all of you visitors to my website will like this listing displayed here. This Phoenix, Arizona based business manufactures some really nice steel connectors used to build small buildings like sheds and cabins. It's really good by the looks of their website. Thanks to Greg of Sarasota, FL for sending me this link. This company also has a steel connector (Pictured on the right) used to tie 4X4 lumber together for making a cabin or shed framework. Check this website out, they sell different types of connectors and they have pictures of most of them on their website.

    ►We produce America's toughest, top-quality Do-It-Yourself steel connectors for erecting portable buildings! ASSF's New DIY "QUICK BUILD" Portable Steel Frame Building System Allows Homeowners To Build A Quality Storage Shed, Garage Shop or Cabin Easily and in Record Time. Surfing Supplies All Steel Shed Frames has created the ultimate product for the Do It Yourself builder. It will allow anyone to build their pet project on a mountain top or in your own back yard. We offer a unique lifetime steel frame with "FAST FIT" connectors. Our connectors are made out of 2 inch square structural box tubing. All connectors have a machine induced reduction on the end of each connector allowing it to be inserted into other pieces of steel of like size. ASSF designed the connectors and framing system to go together as easy as a box full of Lego's. ASSF welds the load bearing steel connectors up in the shop to maintain a precision fit and quality control. These welded connectors have precise welded angles according to our CAD drawings & weighs only a few pounds a piece. When using our connectors to build a building assembling it's as easy as inserting one piece of steel into another. All Steel Shed Frames 2ft on center flagship line of portable steel frames that come with "FAST FIT" connectors are made in 50 sizes and 3 of the most popular roof lines. Our portable series never needs an expensive concrete slab under it. CHECK OUT OUR 4X4 "BIG BOY" STEEL/TIMBER CONNECTORS – IT'S THE NEWEST INNOVATION IN PORTABLE BUILDINGS! Build a high quality building for your next project inexpensively by using All Steel Shed Frames "Big Boy" Steel / Timber Connectors. Because Steel is 5 times the price of Wood we have invented a building system where we make the heavy load bearing points of a building out of heavy duty Steel (we call them Connectors). And the rest is made out of 4X4 inch wood lumber. Our Big Boy Connectors are made out of 4in x 4in x 1/4in wall steel structural box tubing. Our welded Connectors and our "cut to length timbers" in our frame packages allow you to frame any size building in record time. 11 sizes offered and we ship Nationwide.◄
  4. Tubular Frame Connector Part No. C1001 CENTRAL TENT   This business has a lot of shade tent related stuff, but i will focus on their tent or tarp frame connectors and accessories here. They call themselves the "Quality Frame Tent Manufacturer". These people have a lot of unique frame connectors designed i think mostly for large tent set-ups but probably could be used for smaller applications. Picture on the right is of their Part#: C1001, Corner fitting, "Use in all 4 corners for every standard frame tent", but i could not find what size pipe or tube is used with this connector. Some of their connectors are what i would call "Complex", made for multiple strut or pole use, i suppose to provide support for large span areas, not sure. They have what are called "Double Tube Frames" which allow a 20ft unsupported span under a tarp like material covering. Lots of good stuff here, but would require some study to put together a system for your individual needs.

    ►About Standard Frame Tent: Standard Frame Tents are primarily used in the commercial rental and event industries. The size of the tent ranges from 10X10 to 40X200. These durable tents can last longer, pass fire retardant requirements, and provide shelter on a larger scale. Can withstand wind load up to 50 MPH, with proper setup (staking and tie-downs). Most parts are interchangeable with other sizes and systems. This will reduce inventory thus lowering cost. Versatile system—The tent system can be set up according to customer's needs with minimal parts and configurations. Heavy duty and interchangeable parts—Poles fit inside of fittings for smaller tents and fit outside for larger tents. Double Tube poles can also be used to strengthen the frame. Tent tops can be made to be expandable in length. For example, 20x20 can be modified to make a 20x30, 20x40 and so on. Leg size can be adjusted to accommodate the customer's needs and to use expandable base plates. Most tents will have sidewall ropes sewn to the tent to hang for sidewall additions. There are many accessories available as standard fittings. Special accessories can be ordered and manufactured easily.◄
  5. Old Moldy Geodesic Hub OHME GEODESIC DOME HUB   It appears to me to be a heavy-duty connector system which can be used with 2X4 lumber. Sheathing can be whatever the user desires. Looks good, but does not include doorways or window sections. I suppose the builder using these connectors would have to design any openings they want. Same principle as the starplate system. Leasure, Pool, & Lawn Products Both systems when assembled make a structure, but you have to configure the openings you might want.

    ►Dale Ohme set out to build a one piece all-angles-included connector that would accept square-cut lumber. He received patent approval for the Ohme Dome Hub design in 1982. The goal was to manufacture his patented cast aluminum connectors and sell them with cutting templates and assembly instructions to contractors, do-it-you-selfers and anyone else interested in an energy efficient, super strong Dome structure. Ohme Enterprises has completed all the steps to manufacture a line of cast connectors that can build geodesic domes from 12 feet to 48 feet in diameter!◄
  6. 1.3 Connectors GEOSOTA   This listing here is based in some country like Russia or Ukraine. I use the Google Chrome browser so it automatically translates some of the page for me. The heart of this business is their connector products which in my opinion are well designed. There are lots of cool pictures of structures which have been built using their connector systems. Picture on the right is of their 1.3 Connectors, i think used to connect 2x2 wood lumber struts. EZ-UP Frame Connectors The links on this website(s) seem to be somewhat disconnected so you will have to click around a lot. They do have a contact & order page somewhere.

    ►The project brings together the community of engineers and designers a sense of incarnation extremely efficient designs - geodesic domes (geodesic domes), in a separate (DIY) building accessible to everyone. Our goal - the development of comprehensive solutions for the construction of geokupolnyh houses, greenhouses, baths and other buildings, their development and promotion of the welfare of all living beings. We believe that living in harmony with nature and a deep understanding of the laws of control spaceship "Earth"? Make people aware and happy. One day, they will take care of the Earth as its own Dome. We welcome questions to us, are ready to provide support, help and all sorts of advice. Always glad to joint projects, installations, design revolution and lifestyle.◄
  7. Geodesic Dome Hub GEODESIC DOME HUBS   Look at this latest new connector from the UK, the owner has a listing on eBay featuring these for sale to the general public.

    ►Our Geodesic Hubs are made to receive 1" (25mm) timber. We recommend pressure treated timber such as roofing batten to make fascinating and beautiful structures in the garden such as:

    • Arbors
    • Trellisworks
    • Garden sculptures
    • Greenhouses
    • Tents

    Construction is simple with Geodesic Hubs; no need for compound mitres, just cut timber to length and start assembling using the pre-drilled 3.5mm holes for screws or nails. Our Geodesic Hubs receive standard 1 inch (25mm) construction timber. All our Geodesic Hubs are made from 1mm CR4 mild steel, precision cut by laser and electoplated for increased durability. Any size from 1in x 1in or larger can be used. For structures requiring additional strength, two Geodesic Hubs can be used, above and below the intersection, but you must use 2in x 1in or larger timber. Standard construction timber is typically cut to sizes slightly smaller than as labeled; 25mm timber is generally approximately 22mm - our hubs are designed to accommodate this variation. Any frequency and size and type of geodesic dome or sphere can be made using Geodesic Hubs. If you need larger hubs to take 2in 50mm construction timber then please contact me, we can provide these as well. Geodesic Hubs are available in 5 and 6 way hubs to make the pentagons and hexagons, you may want 4 way hubs for the bottom row where the dome intersects with the ground. You can make these from the 6 way hubs by folding back 2 sides out of the way. If you are unsure about how many hubs you need or if you need some help with the lengths of the struts then please contact me and I can assist you with this.◄
  8. The Zip Tie Domes' PVC Hub ZIP TIE DOMES   Here is what looks to me to be a relatively new business. They are based in Buffalo Valley, Tennessee. Featured here is a brand new geodesic frame hub system which these folks invented. Their website has very little information about themselves personally, but has good pictures of their hub system and how it is used. They also have instructional videos for your use. ►The Geodesic Dome Design is rugged and sturdy. You may build a rectangular frame out of PVC pipe, but you will not be able to do a chin-up on them, as shown in our Load Test video. Our domes are very sturdy! The other PVC frame designs use PVC joints that are meant for plumbing, not construction. These plumbing joints crack and break due to the leverage placed on them by the rectangular design in a standard PVC frame. If you drag a rectangular PVC frame long enough, the plumbing joints will become loose. Our Geodesic frames use interlocking triangles connected together with our patented hub design. Our hubs are designed to be flexible and not crack, and are specifically made for construction, not plumbing. We only use UV Resistant 120lb Heavy duty Zip Ties, with all parts guaranteed for 2 years.◄

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